Book for Poker Fans: The Only Way to Play It

The only way to play it is a book written by Peter Alson. It is one of the best-selling poker books that any poker player needs to read. The following is all you need to know about the book:

Book Review

The story of the only way to play it is about Nate Fisher, who depends on playing poker games to sustain his family. Like any other poker player, he experiences big wins, loss, bad deals, and beats. It gives a clear picture of what it is like to depend on poker for a living.

The Inspiration Behind the Only Way to Play It

Alison drew his inspiration from three points:

His Friends

In an interview, Alson revealed why he was inspired to write the book. He drew the inspiration from his friend’s experience before and after getting married and having a family of two kids. Before, he used to sustain himself and his career with poker. The quick transformation to fatherhood exerted too much pressure on him. Alison had a family already by the time he was writing the book. However, he saw something special in navigating fatherhood and marriage in the life of a poker player.

The Desire to Write About the Legacy

Alison gave a quote, which goes, ‘the father who commits suicide condemns his son to the same fate.’ The character in his book had the desire to live a different life and not to make the same mistakes his father made. However, he experiences an unusual impetus to live the same life he was trying to avoid.
The period Alson took to write the book was longer than he planned due to career and other family responsibilities. He began in 2010 and finished in 2016.

The Inspiration Behind the Characters and Events in the Book

Alison revealed that most of the characters in the book are inspired by the people he knows. However, the story about them is enhanced by his imaginations and had nothing or less to do with them.
Aside from the above, Alson also desired to create poker hands that are fascinating and unique.


The Idea of Black Friday

While the author has included the idea of black Friday, it was not his intention at the beginning since he started writing in 2010 when there was nothing like black Friday. It is something he crafted later after the introduction of black Fridays in poker games. Interestingly, he cannot imagine the book without it.




From the above review, you can tell the book is worth reading. Get yourself a copy and feel the real story behind the only way to play it.